Pregenesis Media enable the world’s top entertainment organizations to efficiently distribute, control and monetize their content to drive revenue and direct-to-consumer growth.

Pregenesis Media has been a valuable for creatives for over 15 years. We license content on behalf of some of the best collections in news, sports, and entertainment. Pregenesis Media can help you develop a revenue stream for your content, protect your intellectual property, and give it new life.


Pregenesis Media Content Licensing and Monetization Solutions provides content through our team of experts to support your projects and ensure seamless content delivery. Our customers rely on our top movie, music, video games, and other types of content to help them monetize their business as they can’t simply buy from a generic stock footage sites.

Cross Device Capability


Pregenesis Media offers full-service content licensing so creative teams can leverage news, sports, and, user-created moments. Our team can help navigate these complexities and obtain permissions for commercial use.